We like GIF's, memes and ofcourse helping awesome brands!

We'll be your spotter in the maze that is the business world.

We're open, collaborative and use our experience, design and technical expertise to help clients fulfill their goals and create meaningfull products.

Small and damn fine.

Kameleon is a brand focused studio best described with two words; small and fine… damn fine actually. We’re located in pitoresk Veldhoven, The Netherlands and that’s where all the magic happens. Actual magic, you’re free to come and check it out if you don’t believe us. We diagnose before we prescribe. That means we pay attention to your specific challenges, come up with a custom strategy for and support it with awesome design!

What we do.


Brand strategy.



Lots and lots of sticky notes.

Design & Development.

Web design.

Web development.

User experience design.

App design.

Branding & Identity.


Identity design.


Brand consulting.

Awesome organizations we’ve produced for.

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